Metal East Productions : a brand new label, by MUSICIANS, for BANDS, for FANS

Dear Metalhead, fan, supporter

.After over 12 years spent traveling the roads of France and Europe, rubbing shoulders with many actors of the national and international Metal scene (associations, bands, various structures), releasing albums, organizing live events and developing a local and cross-border community for promotion and exchanges between bands, Metal East has decided to evolve and expand its activities.Based on our experiences, networks, and after analyzing our own musical career, we decided to create a brand new INDEPENDENT LABEL intended for Metal and Hard-Rock music.

The idea is very simple : give the bands what they really deserve in term of retributions and let them be totally independant. Metal East Productions is a non-lucrative association, that’s why bands will get almost 100% of their Cds, vinyles, or other merchandising items royalties.

Metal East Productions reste une structure ASSOCIATIVE à but non-lucratif. Les artistes signés restent ainsi totalement indépendants et bénéficient d’une rétribution quasi intégrale des royalties liés à la vente de leurs albums Cds, vinyles, ou articles de merchandising. Les artistes engagés, en plus de partager notre esprit et nos convictions, sont ainsi mieux soutenus financièrement dans leur projet, et totalement libres !

To spread our bands’ work all over the world, we are very proud to work with international well recognized distributors in Europe, North-America, and of course in France with the support of Season of Mist. We are also lucky to count on Replica Promotion as specific partner for this project..

A new journey begins, BY MUSICIANS, FOR BANDS, FOR FANS ! Can’t wait to unveil artists who trust in us for their forthcoming releases ! Be sure it will be GREAT !

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