Who We Are… By Musicians, For Bands, For Fans !

Dear metalhead, fan, supporter.

This topic is aimed to introduce ourselves, present what we do and what are the main goals of this new label project.

So far, so good, and then? This could neatly sum up who we are and what we do and plan to do at Metal East Productions.

At the beginning and because there is always a beginning, we are like you, like many enthusiasts, from this diverse and friendly musical environment. Having criss-crossed and shared the stages with so many bands over the past twelve years, we have been able, through the incredible human adventure and artistic project of DEFICIENCY, to explore all the facets of the profession and also to rub shoulders with all the challenges encountered by bands outside of the single field of musical composition.

By extension and rich of our experience, 2011 was the year of the creation of Metal East Association in order to widen our field of activity always dedicated mainly to our musical universe. Thus, cross-border exchanges between bands, organization of concerts have started. However, new ideas began to emerge and it was time to move on to a more mature level.

With our experience, our feelings, the work done with all our partners, taking advantage of our own experience both in success and sometimes in the long and delicate learning of what is vital for a band and its growth. The logical outcome of our reflection process led us quite simply to create our own label, because we believe in a DIY, far from the processes used until today.

According to their scenic value, this independent label dedicated to our musical style rewards the bands and does not interfere in their artistic choices and directions. At best, we are there to advise you, at worst we do very little interaction in your life’s band.

Having the legal status of a non-profit association, the search of financial gains for us is not our motivation at all.

As a guarantee of seriousness and efficiency, we deal with partnerships. These agreements has led us to work with an internationally renowned and serious distributor : Season of Mist, Plastichead, MVD, allowing us to take advantage of all the services offered whether in Europe or in the Americas. To also work with the professional structure Replica Promotion well present in France. These two institutional and recognized partners are thus present at our side to help you access better exhibition and sales conditions.

Our greatest satisfaction will be to see you grow up, to reap all the fruits of your hard work and to access what you are entitled to hope for.

Now it is up to you to play and embark on a great adventure where you will be the masters of your destiny. We are here with you, for you! We are totally devoted to these challenges! It belongs to our DNA!

A new journey begins, BY MUSICIANS, FOR BANDS, FOR FANS !

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Legal mentions :

Association METAL EAST
27 rue des verriers, 57 800 FREYMING-MERLEBACH (FRANCE)
Siret 883 584 278 00013

President : Laurent Gisonna

Website hosting :
2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France